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A statement from the Varvaro family:

The Varvaro family wants to take a moment to thank everyone for the continued support. We have been absolutely overwhelmed with the outpour of support from friends, family, organizations and people who were simply inspired by Anthony’s story. It is a reflection on Anthony, and who he was and everything that he stood for. It has been heartwarming to see how many people Anthony has touched. We thank you again, your donations will not only help to support the kids financially, but your generosity will be part of the story as we over time explain to them the legacy their father left behind.


Original Post:

Nothing in the world mattered more to Anthony than his family, and this collection will ensure AJ, Johnny, Christian and Savannah are taken care of for the future.


Due to the enormous amount of inquiries from a wide variety of people, teams and organizations that Anthony touched, the Varvaro family has requested one central donation location.


If you wish to donate to the Varvaro family, please do so here.


All donations will be given directly to the Varvaro Family.


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